With Delta Public Adjuster School’s 4-day course,


We have the most experienced instructors and the highest passing rate! We have lowest price for a classroom course!

State License Exam Preparation
Next Class Dates:  March 7-10, 2016.  8am to 4pm each day.

Class Registration deadline:
  March 5, 2016
You can take the state exam on the date and location that suits you.
All classes will be held at the Courtyard Marriott, 370 IL-83, Elmhurst, IL.

Delta Public Adjuster School will get you ready to pass the Illinois Public Adjuster license exam.  The actual state exam is administered by Pearson Vue at any of its participating locations.

We get you ready to pass the Illinois Public Adjuster license exam and also provide on-site access to fingerprinting services.  We can also help you with your application with the Department of Insurance.

You can register to take the exam on the date that YOU CHOOSE.  You also can select the time and location of the exam.  Go online to Pearson or call Pearson Vue directly at 800-274-0402.

Advantages of becoming an Illinois Public Adjuster:

The advantages of being a Public Adjuster in Illinois are many:  

  • you get to add more value while working with the insurance companies;
  • you will GET PAID for your work;
  • you have more CONTROL because the insurance company must talk to and negotiate with YOU; and
  • you get a percentage of the repair work whether or not you actually perform the repair work.

Regardless of your background, and whether you have ANY previous insurance knowledge, Delta Public Adjuster School’s Illinois Public Adjuster License Exam course will provide you with what you need to PASS your state exam.  Passing this exam is a requirement to get your Illinois Public Adjuster license.

Your instructor has gotten more people through the tough Illinois Public Adjusters exam than anyone else.

And during the four-day class, you will get many special insights from your instructor, who has been designing and presenting insurance classes since 1998.

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